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Retro-Bit is bringing former Satellaview-exclusive Shockman Zero to SNES

A shocking return.

The next retro re-issue from Retro-Bit has been announced. For this one, they’re going to be localizing the former Super Famicom Satellaview exclusive Kaizō Chōjin Shubibinman Zero to the SNES as Shockman Zero.

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If this sounds familiar, Ratalaika and Shiyuden announced a digital version, Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero, not long ago. There was also a fan translation that reached completion last year. This release isn’t related to either of those, with Retro-Bit’s featuring their own bespoke translation.

The Retro-Bit version comes on a translucent orange cartridge (they call the color “Shock Orange”), packed in a hardcover case, and with an instruction manual. Notably, they have all new artwork for the release done by Moises Juarez (aka Danmakuman) that looks pretty great. I’ve covered Retro-Bit’s reissues before, and to reiterate on my opinion on their quality: fantastic. I’m happy to see Shockman Zero in a translucent shell since they often do a neat design on the circuit board.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Shockman Zero, it’s something of a cross between Mega Man and a beat-’em-up. There’s action platforming, but instead of shooting enemies, you have to physically hit them. It’s the fourth in the Shubibibman (Shockman) series, and many fans say it’s the best of the bunch. It was originally only broadcast over the Satellaview system, which means it was next to impossible to buy unless someone had left it written to a BS-X cartridge. In 2017, it got its first cartridge release by Columbus Circle, but only in Japan (also unrelated to this one). This makes this the first cartridge release in the West.

Shockman Zero will be up for pre-order June 25 to July 28, and will begin shipping out sometime in Q4 of 2024. It can be picked up through Limited Run Games, Rondo Products, and Castlemania Entertainment for $59.99. If you miss out, there will also be limited quantities at independent retailers once the production is complete.

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