Retailer to offer steamy Fils-Aime apparel

Gamestop/EB Games has a great Black Friday offer on the horizon for Nintendo fans looking for something to wear to all of their Wii parties they no doubt have booked well into the New Year.

Starting on Nov. 24th and for a limited time only, purchasing any two new Nintendo DS games will get you a snazzy t-shirt featuring a beefy, shirtless man — who looks scandalously similar to Nintendo of America CEO, Reggie Fils-Aime — wielding a Wii controller and a nunchuck peripheral.

While it’s questionable as to why Gamestop/EB Games would offer this Wii-centric shirt to customers purchasing DS software, Fils-Aime-niacs nationwide are sure to be forming lines to rival that of any recent console launches.

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