Retailer not stocking the PSPgo

Despite the fact that Sony will sell downloadable PSP games for the same price as their UMD counterparts, the digital-only status of the PSPgo has still managed to rub some retailers up the wrong way. Chief among them is Nedgame, a leading Dutch retailer that has refused to stock the PSPgo when it launches on October 1.

Nedgame will continue to support previous PSP models like the PSP 3000, but the latest Sony handheld has been officially boycotted, and I’m sure we can all guess why a retailer that deals in secondhand games would have a problem with a disc-less system. 

“We hope you understand our decision,” explains the retailer. “Most gamers still want a box and booklet in their game, or at least the choice between a physical product or a download. The PSP GO! Sony cut the consumer choice and thus creates a monopoly on the PSP GO! game sales. We see this as a very bad development for both the consumer and the retailer.”

What do you make of this? Are retailers right to shun the UMD-less system, or is the retailer cutting its nose off to spite its face. With rumors of other European stores planning their own boycott of the PSPgo, this could indeed be a case of real bad blood between Sony and the sellers.

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