Retail leak: Persona 3 Portable coming to Europe?

I’m sorry. I didn’t think about your feelings, European gamers. I’m always talking about Persona 3 Portable and how it’s coming out next month here in the US, but I keep forgetting that you don’t have a confirmed release date. Maybe this will make you feel better.

It seems that,, and all have the title listed as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. That’s what the call it, but if you look at the pages you’ll see that it’s actually the PSP game, Persona 3 Portable, with GhostLight listed as the publisher.

I’m not loving the tentative release date for you, though. March 2011? It takes that long?

With all of this, I’m hoping we’ll hear something more official soon.

[Thanks to all that sent this in, header image by ying-yu]

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