Retail gets generous? Circuit City offers free MS points when you buy a 360

With all this exciting talk of the price of the Xbox 360 finally being reduced, I’m hoping to see the PS3 elitists and disappointed Wii owners among my group of friends bow in to peer pressure and pick up the newly-cheap console. After all, I’m innately selfish, and I could go play with them on their respective consoles as I own them too, but I’d rather them come to the console I play most. Also, bring me some liquor on your way over.

If you need a place to spend your hard earned cash and get the console, you may as well venture over to Circuit City, where you can apparently get a free Microsoft card valuing 1600 points along with the purchase of any version of the 360. The source article says you also get a $10 gift card and a T-shirt, which makes me arch an eyebrow. Since when does retail get so generous?

Anyone actually have this happen to them at a Circuit City? I’d like to hear some conclusive proof they that douse you in free goods just for buying a 360. I never got any fanfare when I bought mine, which makes me bitter.

[Via Xbox Family — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett