Respawn’s Medal of Honor VR game actually looks pretty damn cool

Back in the trenches

I have run the rollercoaster of emotions in the brief time it took this Medal of Honor trailer to roll. I went from “There’s a new Medal of Honor?” to “Huh, they got the original writer to direct” to “Hell yeah, he smashed a dude’s head with a stone bust” to “Okay, I’d play this.”

I’ll admit that I have no real love for Medal of Honor but Respawn has earned our trust by now. It’s a studio that has turned out nothing but quality ever since it was founded a decade ago.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is “a full-blown VR experience.” It’s launching on Oculus headets sometime this holiday season. Check out the gamescom trailer to get a feeling for what Respawn’s stab at Medal of Honor is all about.

Brett Makedonski
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