Resistance: Retribution’s PSP Plus mode won’t extend to multiplayer

Resistance: Retribution is a sexy PlayStation Portable title to write about. I always take the opportunity to mention its impressive visuals, describe some of the Resistance series’ lore, and extol the connectivity options with Resistance 2. I must admit, I was jealous when I read Hamza’s preview of the multiplayer today. He was able to touch the game, frag dudes, and enjoy his time with a title I often romanticize.

While I could talk up everything, it’s best if I focus on the connectivity since MTV Multiplayer dropped a big fact nugget about it this afternoon. One of the options you have when hooked up to R2 is something called PSP Plus Mode. The mode allows you to use a SIXAXIS controller to control the game. This feature will not be extended to multiplayer mode. A spokesperson told MTV Multiplayer, “Games would be too unbalanced with some people using the controller and some using PSP.”

The spokesperson’s explanation is sound. Anyone bothered by this?

Brad BradNicholson