Resistance: Retribution gameplay videos remind us to charge our PSPs

Resistance: Retribution is an impressive-looking PlayStation Portable game, to be sure. In these new videos just released by Sony, you can see that the developer, Sony Bend, has stuffed quite a bit of the Resistance universe into the little handheld. 

The series is going into third-person for the first time, and despite the lack of a second analog stick, aiming and movement work really well. Playing it at Tokyo Game Show ast year, I never felt that the “auto-lock-on” aiming feature was too intrusive, and it never felt like it was holding my hand. It just felt right. Of course, if you also have Resistance 2 and a PlayStation 3, you could always use the DualShock

I have to admit, the thing I play most on my PSP is Lumines, and that’s only when I travel or am in the bathroom. Retribution looks like like it’ll be a good reason to spend some quality time with the system … and not just on the toilet.

One more video after the jump.

Nick Chester