Resistance: Fall of Man preview

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Man I wish I had heard more about this game back at E3 – Insomniac (the dudes who brought you dozens of Racthet and Clank kinda games) are entering the FPS genre with a powerful game on the way for the PS3. “In Resistance: Fall of Man, US and British forces band together in a last-ditch effort to save England from a horrific scourge — the Chimera. This parasitic species infects other life forms with a virus that rapidly mutates victims into new Chimera. In mere decades this race has ripped apart populations across Asia and Europe and by 1951 has landed on the shores of England. You play the part of US Army Ranger Nathan Hale fighting alongside a group of British resistance soldiers to free the country from the Chimera and to halt their spread across the globe.”Ok, so nothing revolutionary sounding, but watch the video and check out these pictures and you might be looking for Resistance: Fall of Man instead of Call of Duty 3 in a few months. If you want more info on the game check out Insomnia’s site.

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