Resistance 2 viral marketing demon calls me, freaks me the f**k out

So my cell phone rings tonight — it’s from phone number “000-000-0000.” Weird, but since I haven’t paid for the TimeLife Mysteries of the Unknown book sets I bought in the 80s, I figure it’s a bill collector.

Whoever it is leaves a message, and after pulling myself away from PixelJunk Eden, I check my voice mail. It’s a recorded message, much of it is partially cut off, and it’s not coming in very clear. It’s female voice and she sounds distressed, telling me about how good men are going to have be killed, and that should I find myself on the Internet, I should check out

I checked the Web site, and it’s clearly Resistance 2-related. I realize that I’m not being stalked, but instead, I’m the target of some viral marketing plan. If their intention was the creep me to hell out of me at 9 o’clock at night, job well done. 

Jerks. I still have every intention of playing Resistance 2, though. That game looks mega-sweet.

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