Resistance 2 multiplayer beta applications available [Update]

If you’re over 18, have a PlayStation Network account, and are excited about the opportunity to bust some alien heads in the 1950s, then Insomniac may have the beta for you. Starting today, Insomniac is accepting applications for the Resistance 2 limited beta that will go live this October.

Signing up is simple and after submitting the application via the official website you won’t have to worry about cutting your hair or passing a urine analysis. In fact, the process is fairly painless and requires only a few questions answered.

The bad news is that not everyone who signs up for the beta will be granted access, as is the nature of a limited beta. People who strike gold in the process will be notified via e-mail about their participation at an unknown time.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up and tell me the first thing that you’ll do if you get the chance to explore Resistance 2 early.

[Via CVG]

[Update – It appears as though I used the wrong URL or Insomniac changed where the application is located. I would like to think that this wasn’t my mistake, but it totally is. The link above has been updated, but you can also click here for the application.]

Brad BradNicholson