Resident Waggle Zero trailer is as fresh as the zombies within

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Which series is the best at whoring out its franchises with endless remakes, do you think? Capcom or Square Enix? I’m going to have to side with the latter, but Capcom certainly gives Squeenix a run for its money. The company never misses a trick, and seems to take any opportunity to re-release an old Resi game with glee. The Wii must have been a Godsend to this company, a fact compounded by the release of Resident Evil Zero … now with waggle!

I certainly can’t blame the company, and even applaud its blatant, up-front, “yeah it was only released a couple years back, but here it is again and you love it,” attitude. That said, anybody interested in this one? I can’t say Zero compelled me the first time with its introduction of the ludicrous anime reject James Marcus, but what can ya do? I miss the good ol’ days of shady corporations and barely explained zombie outbreaks. Simplicity, that’s what I want — none of this “ten billion different tyrants and twice as many deus ex machinas,” that you get nowadays. But I digress. 

So long as this isn’t detracting the developers from Resident Evil 5, I’m happy.

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