Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles JP and PAL boxart jumps in through a window

Thanks to this post on NeoGAF, that gallery below now features the Japanese and European boxart for the upcoming Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. While the Euro cover sports the traditional Romero-esque slavering hordes of undead, the Japanese edition has a real John Hughes feel to it.

Sure, they could have included dozens of desiccated corpses, an army of demonic dogs or even eyeless crows fiendishly using sticks to unlock your car door only to steal a pack of smokes and the contents of your change holder, but instead they paste a shot of the Resident Evil cast above the text and hope none of us think too hard on the fact that this is our generation’s Breakfast Club; a ragtag group of misfits drawn together to survive the horrors of Paul Gleason Albert Wesker.

Earnest Cavalli
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