Resident Evil, Street Fighter PC titles up to 80% off in lingering sale

Winter Sale… still here

Green Man Gaming is closing out its Winter Sale with Capcom titles on tap for up to 80% off. The sale brings some decent deals for those who missed discounts available during Steam’s Winter Sale (which ended earlier this week on Monday).

In fact, many of the deals are now cheaper than what was at Steam. Choice picks include Mega Man Legacy Collection at only $6 and Resident Evil titles at up to 80% off. Unsurprisingly, all available Resident Evil games on the PC are on sale, given Resident Evil 7 will arrive soon on January 24.

Note that while all the deals below are solid, we’ll suggest skipping out on Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition at the current price of $20.99 as it went for as cheap as $8.99 during Steam’s Winter Sale. Best to wait till that discount circles around later this year.

Capcom Deals

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