Resident Evil re-remake coming to Wii … seriously

Sometimes a publisher must sit down and think to itself: “Okay, we’ve remade this game roughly 10,000 times. This is stupid.” Capcom has no such self-awareness, however, and has announced that yet another Resident Evil remake is on the way. This time it’s a Wii version of the GameCube version of the PlayStation version of the first Resident Evil.

This remake of a remake will of course feature obligatory waggle controls, but may also be played with the GameCube controller if you feel like negating the entire point of the thing. This joke is due out on December 25 in Japan. 

I love Capcom a lot, but this has reached the point of self-parody. When you’re remaking remakes, especially ones that were on the previous console just a few years prior, then you’re taking the absolute piss out of your customers, your platform and yourself. This re-remake will join Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4 — two other Resi games reissued on the Wii. 

What a farce.

James Stephanie Sterling