Resident Evil producer: Adult Wii games need an ‘X-factor’

While many claim that M-rated games just don’t do very well on the Wii, one publisher constantly disproves the myth. Capcom has had plenty of success in bringing Resident Evil to the world of waggle, and series producer Masachika Kawata has some words of wisdom for anybody looking to emulate such success.

“First of all I don’t think that Resident Evil was the only exception selling on Wii,” he supposes. “There are other hardcore titles, such as Call of Duty, which were quite successful on Wii as well. People get this perception that on Nintendo Wii all there is are cutesy games. However, when you actually try to develop a game on Wii it costs you money, it’s time consuming and it’s not the easiest console to deal with.

“We were serious about creating and developing this particular game, and therefore the fan will accept and recognize our effort. I’m considering it a reward for our effort if you like. And also, we were lucky that we’ve got the Resident Evil brand, which is well-known all around the world.

“There are good games that didn’t sell, obviously. You need an X-Factor. However, vice versa people won’t buy it if it’s not a good game.”

Why is it that certain individuals constantly claim that people won’t buy games if they aren’t good? Surely most of the Wii’s library is proof against this rather fantastical little daydream. Unless, of course, Kawata somehow believes that Carnival Games actually deserved to sell as much as it did.

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