Resident Evil: Operations is coming to a phone near you: As good as the first?

In news that is sure to please Resident Evil fans of the mobile phone variety, Capcom has just released the sequel to the 2006 game, Resident Evil: The Missions. Titled Biohazard: Operations in Japan, the new game’s objective is a simple one — navigate Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine through each room and clear it in under a minute or less.

Your hard work will be rewarded with better weapons, like the flamethrower and shotgun. Let’s hope the always crowd pleasing rocket launcher will also make an appearance. While no release date has been given here in the States, the game might be coming to a phone near you sooner rather than later, if Capcom follows the timeline they did with the original title. Last time we were treated to the goods just a few months after the Japanese homeland. 

Prepare to drop that DS Lite, and get cracking … we have more zombies to overcome!

[Thanks, BlindsideDork and Siliconera

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