Resident Evil: Extinction tops this weekend’s box office

In no great amount of surprise, Resident Evil: Extinction has come out on top for this past weekend’s box office numbers, bringing in $24 million for Sony, or the equivalent of 40,000 PS3s. The film was in tough competition with the other three openers that weekend, Good Luck Chuck, which grossed $14 million and took second place, Eastern Promises, which grossed $5.7 million and took 5th place, and Sydney White, which only brought in $5.2 million, and took 6th place. All in all, Extinction took in some $8.400 per theater.

The film’s budget was an estimated $45 million, so with the first weekend cutting that number in more than half, they might actually turn a profit in the theaters. Resident Evil: Extinction beat out Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse in terms of biggest opening numbers, with the original film grossing $17 million, while Apocalypse garnered $23 million when it debuted. In the domestic market, both of the previous films had managed to turn a profit while still in theaters.

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