Resident Evil: Director’s Cut hitting PSN on May 28

Barring having to download and install a forty plus hour PlayStation Network update, you should be able to sink your teeth into the first of Capcom’s teased PlayStation One downloadable games, Resident Evil: Directors Cut.

Hitting May 28 for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store, the title is everything you loved and, well, loved about Resident Evil — loading screens, dialogue, statuesque characters, convoluted story, and of course, zombies.

As mentioned on Capcom-Unity by marketing dude Matt Dahlgren, the original Resident Evil stars Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine — two important (and playable) characters in the latest Resident Evil, Resident Evil 5.

Although going through the backlog is always encouraged, don’t try to pick out too many story scraps. We’re pretty sure Capcom writes down awesome situations and plot lines on pieces of paper, puts them into a hat and pulls them out at random for every new title.

Interesting (and cute) first choice. Are any of you going to bite?

Brad BradNicholson