Resident Evil Ambassadors have been invited to playtest an unannounced game

Resi? Dino Crisis?

It’s a good time to be a part of the Resident Evil Ambassadors program. Earlier this year, Capcom invited members to playtest an unrevealed Resident Evil game. It ended up being Project Resistance, which was eventually announced as the multiplayer half of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake.

Capcom has again tapped ambassadors to help with a secret project. In a recent email that was republished to reddit, Capcom says “as limited offers to ambassadors, we have invitations to a play test session of our unannounced title…”

The catch is that even though this was sent to Resident Evil Ambassadors, it isn’t necessarily a Resident Evil game. Capcom has filed new trademarks for some old franchises like Dino Crisis, Bionic Commando, and Darkstalkers. This playtest could be something related to any of those series. On the other hand, those filings could be routine maintenance for intellectual property protection.

Or, more fun to imagine, the playtest might be a Resident Evil game. Why send it exclusively to the Resident Evil fans otherwise? Confirmation of Resident Evil 8? Hardly. But, enough to warrant some pie-in-the-sky speculation? Still hardly, but no one will begrudge you for it.

If you want in on the ground floor of Capcom’s newest, register for the Resident Evil Ambassadors program here. If you’re lucky enough to get chosen, you’ll get a peek behind the curtain.

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