Resident Evil 7’s ‘Kitchen’ demo is out now on PlayStation VR

Today is the PSVR’s launch

Just in time for the launch of the PlayStation VR (yeah, it’s out today, expect lots more coverage outside of what we’ve already provided) comes the “Kitchen” demo for Resident Evil 7. If you’re picking it up you should find it already included in the 40-ish GB demo disc, but for those of you light on space, it can also be installed individually.

To be clear, this “demo” is mostly non-interactive, lasts several minutes, and has almost nothing to do with Resident Evil in general — it kind of just sets the new tone they’re going with this time. It’s also not the same one from E3, if you’ve already played that — in fact, it’s the third, after “Beginning Hour” and “Lantern,” the latter of which debuted at Gamescom.

Resident Evil 7 is still set for a January 24, 2017 release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A recent advertisement hinted that its VR capabilities would be exclusive to PS4 for “12 months.”

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