Resident Evil 7 will supposedly have cross-save support on PC and Xbox One

But is it Play Anywhere?

Dengeki recently spoke to Capcom regarding Resident Evil 7 (which is literally just around the corner in January — weird huh?), and confirmed a few extra details.

According to Capcom, all versions of the game will have HDR support, with PC and PS4 supporting 4K upscaling — we’ve reached out for more details on whether or not this requires the “S” or “Pro” models for each console. Also, the PC and Xbox One editions will sport cross-save support, but did not elaborate past that point.

We’ve reached out to Capcom to see if the “Play Anywhere” feature has been confirmed, or if this is some sort of other agreement. Given that Dead Rising 4 is a Play Anywhere game (and thus, is cross-buy, cross-save), it stands to reason that Capcom and Microsoft have a good relationship going, and will want to extend that partnership to Resident Evil 7. But for now, don’t count on it.

Resident Evil 7 [Dengeki via IGN Japan]

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