Resident Evil 7 speedruns are already under two hours

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Runthroughs of recently-released Resident Evil 7 require around 10 hours. And while there’s a trophy for finishing in under four, the speed run community is already under the two hour mark. 

Twitch’s Stirliing currently claims the top spot, finishing in 1:51:02 while playing the PC version on Easy difficulty. Plus, it’s New Game+, meaning Stirliing has a bunch of unlocked weapons, like the insanely strong Albert-01. There’s already a speed run on Normal difficulty that’s only 15 minutes behind Stirliing’s, though, so these numbers are likely to be shattered between folks finding enterprising new strategies and sheer repetition and practice that goes towards shaving off precious seconds.

It does bring up something I noticed myself when I got to the third act, which I wasn’t as happy with compared to the rest of the game: it’s pretty damn easy to just juke out enemies and run past them at times, even in a regular playthrough. Especially when the sense of horror goes a bit inert.

Some of this is intentional, like how basic enemies can’t open doors by design. On the other hand, in a late game section of long narrow corridors and one spiraling narrow corridor, armed with the knowledge that killing shit doesn’t help me (enemies don’t drop anything), I definitely just ran past a good 10-15 monsters just trying to blitz towards the end.

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