Resident Evil 7 has an updated demo and you don’t need PS Plus to play

Bonus: Another messed-up look at the full game

Earlier this year, Capcom drove clue-hunting Resident Evil fans mad with its cryptic “Beginning Hour” demo for Resident Evil 7, but the scavenger hunt is far from done. Break’s over!

Today, the company issued a “Twilight Version” update for that demo, opening access to all PS4 players (not just PlayStation Plus subscribers). The cycle has begun anew. Among other additions and tweaks, there’s now a matching dummy hand to go along with that seemingly useless dummy finger.

There’s also a trailer for Resident Evil 7 proper, with the disturbed Baker family putting on its best Texas Chainsaw Massacre impression. It’s a different look for the series, a gamble, but I’m far more interested in what I’m seeing here than anything else Capcom has done with Resident Evil as of late. It’s reinvigorating. And assuming the developers can improve the VR functionality, that’s gonna be wild.

While it’s too early to be thinking about the season pass, it is worth touching on again today. It’s now going to include three post-release “playable story episodes,” rather than just two as previously announced. This change in content bumps the deluxe edition of RE7 (the game plus the season pass) from $79.99 up to $89.99. If you already paid the old price, you’re set — you’ll be upgraded for free.

Additionally, “All pre-order customers will receive a Survival Pack which includes consumable healing items, an early unlock of the insanely difficult Madhouse mode, and a mysterious Lucky Coin in-game defense item. In addition, North American pre-orders for the PS4 version on the PlayStation Store will instantly receive a dynamic theme for PS4. Pre-orders for Microsoft and Steam digital releases will be available in the coming weeks.”

Resident Evil 7 is out January 24, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Please be good!

Jordan Devore
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