Resident Evil 5 set in Haiti, the home of voodoo. Not so racist now, eh?

Several of our own readers had already called this before the news surfaced, but it’s become somewhat clear that Resident Evil 5 is not set in Africa, as some had predicted, but actually takes place in Haiti, where voodoo rituals and zombie mythos are considered to have come from. Kotaku claims to have a well-placed insider who has confirmed the location for them, a location that lends an incredibly deep context to the latest Resident Evil.

Of course, having argued against idiots in the past who claimed this was racist, I am filled with a tremendous sense of self-satisfaction at this news. After the controversy of that pathetic Black Looks blog screaming racism from the rafters and my own battles against one or two crybabies who whined the same thing, this comes as hilarious news. It’s set in Haiti and there’s a very good reason for that. 

It looks like a few self-interested reactionaries with chips on their shoulders are going to have to STFUAJPG now, aren’t they?

James Stephanie Sterling