Resident Evil 5 screens suggest violence could play a large role in the game

There’s nothing worse than a bad case of malaria or being attacked by a mammoth crocodile. I’m guessing since Ubisoft went the malaria route with Far Cry 2, Capcom isn’t going to introduce the disease in Resident Evil 5. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was squeezed into the story. We are talking about a game that has both zombies and screwballs equipped with chainsaws and burlap helmets.

To celebrate the impending release once again, Capcom released the new screens below in the gallery. A few of them show a boat and a couple others feature the aforementioned chainsaw dude and his infected brethren.

I find the above crocodile screen the most provocative and its not because I have a “thing” for large reptiles. (I’ve been trying to convince my therapist about this for years.) I am imagining the awesome conversation that I’m going to have with my partner while playing this portion of the game. I can almost hear the wild amount cursing, screaming, sobbing and requests for more ammunition. I can hardly wait.

Brad BradNicholson