Resident Evil 5 is out next month on current generation consoles

June 28

We knew that Resident Evil 4-6 were being re-released for the PS4 and Xbox One, but now we have an exact date for the middle child — June 28. We saw the arrival of 6 several months ago, and 4 is still on the way.

Although it’s not exactly well-liked by many, I’m not ashamed to admit my love for 5. It not only has one of the best Mercenaries modes (and vastly improved upon 4), but one of the most impressive co-op elements to date. It absolutely sacrificed a lot if you played it solo, but the rest felt like a natural evolution of what the team wanted out of 4, with advancements to mechanics like hand-to-hand combat, and boss fights.

The “1080p HD and increased frame rate” port will include all of the previous DLC (including both campaigns, costumes, mercenaries extras, and multiplayer).

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Chris Carter
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