Resident Evil 5 ‘Home’ content coming today and the 26th

The majority of the noticeably absent frills in Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 space in Home are coming March 26, according to a report by AndriaSang. A tiny update will be available today, adding the Minna de Spelunker lounge, which will allow players to launch multiplayer inside Sony’s revolutionary social service.

On the 26th, users should expect the addition of a Photo Studio mini-game, and purchasable Chris and Sheeva costumes. As its pointed out in the original report, this will be the first time Sony has allowed items to be purchased outside of the boisterous Mall space.

You know what Capcom should do next? They should add some viral stuff. Literally. I’m down with passing zombie disease through dance-to-dance contact. Someone needs to make this happen.

[via CVG]

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