Resident Evil 5 demo is popular, downloaded 1.8 million times over Xbox Live

I don’t believe in studying trends or analyzing past data to predict the future. Those tools are overrated. I prefer to use a crystal ball. A gnarled woman in a red dress handed me one when I was younger and I’ve used it to great effect. But thanks to David Bowie’s chilling performance in The Labyrinth, I’ve cooled on its voodoo powers.

Thankfully, I don’t need to use an occult looking glass to tell me that Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 is going to be a big hit — it’s a well known fact that people love killing zombies. Microsoft backed up my non-voodoo prediction this morning when they released a few raw numbers about RE: 5’s demo downloads.

Over 1.3 million people downloaded the demo over the first three days. And within that first week a total of 1.8 million people nabbed the zombie-busting trial. That’s a lot of people. I wonder how long it would take to spread a zombie virus globally if every person who downloaded the demo also got a surprise ZTD?

Maybe I’ll check the ball later.


Exclusive “Resident Evil 5” Demo Downloaded By 1.8 Million fans on Xbox LIVE

Over the weekend, download figures for the Resident Evil 5 Demo on Xbox LIVE surged past 1.8 Million, wrapping up the first week  on Xbox LIVE.

With the January 26th  release, more than 1.3 million Xbox LIVE members around the world downloaded the demo of the hotly anticipated “Resident Evil 5” in just the first three days, placing it  among the top Demo  launches on the service. The Demo was first available exclusively to Xbox LIVE Gold members for the first three days and then for all Xbox LIVE members worldwide on January 29th.  The demo also reached new heights with its Japanese release in December under the “Biohazard 5” title, being downloaded by over 53% of Xbox LIVE Gold members in Japan.

The release allows fans to get their hands on new “Resident Evil 5” features including two new levels of single- and two player co-op play, characters, weapons and environments.  In this latest installment of the renowned survivor-horror franchise, returning “Resident Evil” hero Chris Redfield is joined by new partner Sheva Alomar to take on the frightening effects of the latest bioterrorist attack in the depths of Africa.

Xbox LIVE provides players with the ability to have their pick of who they want to experience the terror with. Whether it’s a close friend or one of the more than 17 million members around the world, on Xbox LIVE it’s easier to know when friends are online, playing “Resident Evil 5”and available to catch up over voice- or video-chat.

The demo’s success, comes in the same week as “Resident Evil” fans were asked to help unlock the secrets of Kijuju first through Xbox-LIVE and For the most up to date news on the title, fans have also been flocking to Xbox LIVE and to check out first looks at exclusive game trailers and videos.  On March 13th, Resident Evil 5 will move to its new home on Xbox 360.

Brad BradNicholson