Resident Evil 5 demo is live on the PlayStation Network today

…and it’s exactly like the Xbox Live demo. Same stages, nothing different really. Or maybe there is something — more on that tomorrow.

So, you’ve probably already played this. Iif you’re really curious and have the free hard disk space, get it anyway. If you don’t have an Xbox 360, go out and grab it now on PSN as a download just short of 1GB.

This is personal preference, but I do like playing it on the DualShock controller a bit better. I feel like I’m busting off gunshots and face slashes quicker using Type A control, with the arming set to the L1 and R1 buttons. Of course, it could be my imagination, too. I like the freedom of Type D, but somehow I always come running back to Type A.

I’m predicting that I’m going to start doubting Type A when things get tough in the full game, though. What control are you playing with?

Dale North