Resident Evil 5 area available in Home, we explore it

The narrow dirt pathways were serpentine, coiled around dilapidated huts. I was alone, but I knew others had been to this place before me. Their footprints, etched into the soil, created divots that an ancient storm filled with water. Rusty, limp chain link and grimy blankets surrounded the area. I became uneasy when I walked into one of the broken buildings. No lights, no sound, no modern trappings. It was foul and dark. The lack of anything made it obvious that the people who may have lived there left long ago.

Even though the area was digital, I could almost smell something. It was familiar. I contemplated it while dancing the robot. It hit me. I could almost smell Kijuju.

I realized, suddenly, that I had stumbled into Capcom’s new Resident Evil 5 area in PlayStation Home. It must have debuted today, I thought to myself. I switched to the tango and used the “shake fist” macro.

I stumbled around the area, found a map of its contents. A Butcher’s Shop, an RE 5 archive, and a souvenir shop were available. Where were the stores? What else could you do in the space?

Nothing. Except dance the robot and spam “Hello” with the triggers. All the shops were closed; nothing to see or do. I turned off my PlayStation 3.

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