Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition for Beginners

Leon! Leeeeeeeon!

You suck!

This $.99 iPhone game starts off with a beginner’s difficulty level for those that suck at games. You can work up to Normal, Professional, Hell and eventually Extreme modes once you stop sucking. There’s a tutorial mode, the Mercenary mode, and a new Coin Shoot mode. It’s like a pay demo tease that includes the game’s first two chapters. If you want to keep going, you can pay to continue with the full game via an in-game purchase.

If you still suck, Capcom is selling an in-game item that recovers Leon’s health for about $1. That’s like an extra life for money, or a continue, just like in the arcades.

Capcom Revises Resident Evil 4 For Beginners [Siliconera]

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