Resident Evil 4 announced for iPad

Capcom has joined the big iPad bandwagon with something that shouldn’t be surprising in the least. After all, the Japanese publisher will take any excuse to port one of its Resident Evil games for a quick buck. That’s right folks, not content to just release Resi 4 on iPhone and iPod Touch, Capcom has prepared another Apple-flavored outing with Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition

Yeah, it’s basically just the iPhone version but with slightly better graphics. Oh, and of course it costs more, too. It can be yours to download for the princely sum of $12.99, up from the $7.99 iPhone original. If a higher resolution is worth an extra five bucks to you, then feel free to hit iTunes and get the thing downloaded. 

The only reason I’d want to buy this would be to hear the silly gruff-sounding game announcer say “Resident Evil 4 iPad Edition” when you start the game. I bet it sounds hilarious. 

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