Resident Evil 3 remake could look so slick with a fixed camera

Sweet dreams

Resident Evil 3 is all about forward momentum, and while that’s a boon for replayability, it’s not always easy to thoroughly take in the sights. The 2020 remake looks incredible up close – the lighting, framing, and set design are b-e-a-utiful – and that’s part of why I enjoyed playing it multiple times over.

As one fan made crystal clear over the weekend, Resident Evil 3 would also look great from afar.

Twitter user TheSphereHunter made a convincing “fixed camera” mock-up in the style of the original pre-rendered backgrounds. They covered three memorable early locations: Jill’s cluttered apartment, Dario Rosso’s conspicuous hiding spot, and the everything-is-not-fine streets of Raccoon City.

As a pitch, I’m into it. And even just as a chance to appreciate the preexisting details, it’s a treat.

If Capcom ever wanted to explore a fixed-camera mode again, I think I’d need to keep some minor modern-day concessions, but then again, that would defeat the whole purpose of a nostalgia-fueled throwback mode. Realistically, it would be no small feat and hard to prioritize, but we can still cling to our dreams. Maybe the right time and place will present itself – say, a big anniversary celebration.

Wishful thinking aside, fans have plenty to chew on between the rumored RE4 remake and RE8.

@TheSphereHunter [Twitter]

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