Resident Evil 3 mod overruns Raccoon City with so many Nemeses

And you thought one was a pain in the ass

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A new Resident Evil 3 demo mod takes an extremely Oprah approach in its novelty. “You get a Nemesis! You get a Nemesis! And, yes, YOU get a Nemesis!” More isn’t necessarily better when it comes to murderous behemoth bio-weapons.

Modder FluffyQuack has turned every enemy in the Resident Evil 3 demo into Nemesis. It’s intimidating when everything that’s supposed to be a zombie is actually a seven-foot-tall monster that takes hulking swipes with its giant bear claws. But, it’s also kind of funny when they get stuck in the game’s geometry, rigidly knocking over fences or ending up trapped half inside/half outside of a vehicle.

If you want to try the Nemesis-heavy mod yourself, you can find it here. If you’re of the reasonable and correct opinion that one Nemesis is already too many, Resident Evil 3 will launch next Friday, April 3.

Mod Manager with Resident Evil 3 Demo Support [FluffyQuack via PC Gamer]

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