Reservoir Dogs sucks about as much as you’d expect

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Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.Unfortunately, things didn’t change for the better.

The controls are awful, the levels are repetitive (there are literally no more than five different maps in the 3rd person shooting missions), and ninety-nine friggin’ percent of the game revolves around grabbing hostages and telling police officers to drop their guns (the other one percent involves grabbing hostages and cutting their ears off). IGN gave it a 3.0, which is a bit harsh, but not by much.All the things you don’t learn in the movie (how Mr. Blue died, how Mr. Brown got blinded, and what happened to Mr. Pink) are answered in the most obvious way (he gets shot, he gets shot, he gets shot or doesn’t depending on your rating at the end of the game). The only two things that are any good about this game are (A), Michael Madsen’s voice acting, and (B), the dialogue during some of the missions is really funny and surprisingly well-written for a video game. Other than that, it’s not even worth the price of a rental.

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