Reserve Crisis Core, snag a piece of faux Shinra history

It’s a solid fact that Final Fantasy VII is one of the most-oft requested remakes of all time. Square has yet to oblige, but they have made Crisis Core, a PSP title that tells the story of Zack, Cloud’s “real” counterpart in the original FFVII. If you don’t have a PSP, you may as well wait as all of us who do stagger to the game stores of the world salivating, play the damn thing, and give it a verdict.

If you do already own a PSP and you preorder the title, you will get this nifty UMD case with it with the Shinra logo stamped on it. Yeah, it’s not as cool as a working replica of Barret’s arm or anything, but I don’t complain about free. The participating locations are, Game Crazy, Gamestop and EB Games, so if you want to score one get on down there and wave your Buster sword around. That’ll confuse em.

[Via Amazon – Thanks, Vegas] 

Colette Bennett