Reports suggest 64GB Switch carts pushed back to 2019

Storage struggles could continue

Despite the incredible sales of the Nintendo Switch throughout 2017, one issue frustrated a lot of owners: the struggle to fit large-scale titles onto the consoles 32GB SD cards. This limitation meant that some games not only needed the original cart, but also required space on the Switch’s (limited) memory to download the extra game data.

Of course, this issue could be circumvented if bigger-scale games were released on 64GB SD carts, bringing them up to the storage capacity of Blu-Ray discs. Unfortunately, a report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that developers are being told no such carts will be made available until at least 2019.

Developers had been hoping to get their hands on the larger carts sometime next year, preventing the need for Switch owners to buy games, then download and store the remaining data elsewhere, ala DOOM, L.A. Noire and WWE 2K17. But it seems that “technical difficulties” will prevent Nintendo from making the tech available to studios anytime soon.

Analysts are also suggesting that Nintendo will be forced to charge higher-prices for games delivered on 64GB cards. Gadgets360 gave the example of Dragons Quest 1 and 2 which, in Japan, cost ¥1,000 more on Switch than its PS4 equivalent, due to its 32GB cart delivery method.

Nintendo themselves have yet to comment on the matter but, if true, its going to be a frustrating 2018 for developers attempting to optimise big, multi-platform games. Whether such titles will be delayed until the larger carts become available, or whether the Buy-then-Download system will continue, remains to be seen.

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