Report claims that Japanese third-party devs are scrambling to support the Switch now

They’re convinced

When the Switch was announced, I took note of who was supporting it and who was on the fence. As usual EA pledged a tepid amount of support, as did other big western publishers like Ubisoft — who only had several old ports in the works before they announced the Mario + Rabbids hybrid.

But in Japan, things are a little different. Even in Nintendo’s home base of operations several publishers didn’t believe the Switch would be a hit after the Wii U, a situation the Wall Street Journal touches on a bit in a recent report. Speaking to Gzbrain publishing executive Hirozaku Hamamura, the idea is that some publishers are so far behind in backing the Switch that a lot of their AAA switch projects won’t even be released until 2019.

Capcom is mentioned by name, because although they did publish Ultra Street Fighter II early on as a Switch exclusive, they’ve since followed it up with ports of old titles. Koei Tecmo represents the other side of the equation, having gone full-hog with the Switch out of the gate.

While a lot of pundits are calling out Capcom, you can’t really predict the future. They’ve made their financial situation clear in recent years, and if they spent a lot of time and money creating a new exclusive Resident Evil for example, and the system bombed, they’d be in a horrible situation. At the very least they pledged some support early on, which is more than we can say for the vast majority of western studios.

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