Renew Xbox Live or PS Plus for under $40 in Weekend Deals

Don’t pay full price on these

Remember that deal from yesterday offering a year of PlayStation Plus for $40? Well, apparently this type of deal comes in twos, because a 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription is now a lot cheaper, discounted down to $40 via Groupon. If you use Visa Checkout as your payment option, usecode VISA5 to get another five percent off, making the total only $38.

Still available from NewEgg is the aforementioned cheap PS Plus 1-year deal for only $39.99, a $10 price break off the usual $50 asking price. Only a limited quantity (and they’ve sold thousands since we reported on Thursday) is available, so we’re expecting it to sell out before its listed expiration date on Monday.

You also can get 25 percent off next Tuesday’s Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, making the game only $15. There was a similar discount on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, but after the game’s official launch on Friday the discount dropped down to down to 20 percent.

Update: Both the Xbox Live and PS Plus deals are now OOS. Gosh darn it.

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