Renegade Kid’s new title published by Gamecock, features ‘horror icon’

If you thought that Renegade Kid moving away from Gamecock to publish their next DS title Moon meant their relationship was over, think again. 

IGN is reporting that Renegade Kid are once again holding hands with the publisher (who released last years DS horror title, Dementium) to deliver a new mystery title to the market. Not much information on the game has been revealed save for a photo (see above) and Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham saying it’s “based on one of the biggest horror icons of all time.” The game’s name, plot details, and consoles it will land on has yet to be revealed.

There’s some speculation that the title will land on the Wii; Watsham told IGN not long ago “our Wii game will be announced very soon.” As for who or what the “horror icon” is, one look at the image speaks volumes — it’s likely to revolve around vampires and, more specifically, Dracula. Or Blackula. Please God, be about Blackula …

As a long-time fan of the horror genre, this tease is enough to get me excited. With any luck we’ll be hearing more information about the game soon.  

Nick Chester