Reminder: We’re giving away this beast of a computer!

Just a reminder to those of you who weren’t around when I posted this contest in the first place: the insane computer above is UP FOR GRABS in a contest here on Destructoid that ends on June 19th. It was custom made for the release of Damnation by artist Jake Hildebrandt, is valued more than just about anything you own (well, except your car, perhaps), and can be won by simply showing us what your idea of steampunk is.

How can you enter? Simple: go to the original contest post here (please DO NOT post your entries in the comments of this post, but that one!) and follow the instructions. You can submit a picture, a video, art, a song you wrote, anything, as long as it expresses your love of all things steampunk. The contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada. If you live anywhere outside of those areas and happen to be chosen as the winner, you can pay for shipping yourself, but expect it to cost several hundred bucks — this thing is heavy!

There are some more videos after the jump from Jake, the creator, giving you a better look at the PC. Maybe they’ll help to inspire your entry. Good luck and don’t be intimidated — anything from a Photoshop entry to a simple photo could win!



Colette Bennett