Reminder: Treehouse has an extended look at the new Switch games in a half hour

Same Tree(house)

Craving some more information about the Nintendo Switch? Did last night’s event not quite scratch your (don’t kill me) Switch Itch? Maybe you just have an insatiable appetite for anything Switch, eager to gobble up any morsel thrown your way.

Well, then here’s a reminder that Nintendo Treehouse is taking a deep dive into some of the games that were showcased at the Switch presentation. In Nintendo’s words, it’ll be showing off “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Arms, and more.” That “and more” is key.

Nintendo’s reveals were fast and furious last night, but we covered them all here. Now, let’s take it easy for a bit. Let Treehouse calmly walk us through how we might play the Switch in our homes. It starts at 9:30 Eastern/6:30 Pacific, exactly half an hour from the time this post goes up. Sit back and drink it in.

Brett Makedonski
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