REMINDER: RetroforceGIVE! donations end this week!

You are all generous, kind-hearted, amazing people. Oh, wait, did I mention handsome? You are all generous, kind-hearted, amazing, handsome people.

We started donations for the RetroforceGIVE! Mega Drive a few weeks ago (sponsored by RetroforceGO! Listen today!) and already you guys have donated some unbelievably incredible things. I hate to single anyone out (all your donations are equally noble), but one awesome community member actually sent in an original, sealed copy of Shining Force III for the Sega Saturn. For the retro knowledgeable, this is quite the rare find (and goes for upwards of $300 on eBay).

But the donation period is not over yet! The actual charity auction (of which all proceeds will go to Child’s Play) will start up soon and contributions are still being accepted to the below address until the end of this week (January 29th to be exact). If you still want to help sick children by giving away your retro videogame treasures you only have a few days left!

[Donations over — address no longer valid]

If you missed the original post, you can click here for the details of what RetroforceGIVE! is all about (and to see the massive list of already donated items that will be up for bid). Thanks again to all the people that have already donated. You are so handsome you make my eyes hurt.

Chad Concelmo