Reminder: Lightsaber crossguards were in No More Heroes first

Henry Cooldown stole Abrams’ thunder

[Update: You guys in the comments are fast! Thanks for the education on the Star Wars Expanded Universe and its long history of lightsaber crossguards. I wonder if that’s where Suda got the idea from? I’ll ask him next time I see him.]

The No More Heroes series appears to be on carbonite, at least for now. Series creator Suda51 says that he’d like to return to Santa Destroy someday, but he doesn’t know if and when that will happen. Plans to put No More Heroes 3 on the Wii U don’t seem to have panned out, and for now, Grasshopper is focused on the upcoming arena action title Let it Die

For those who haven’t played either game, maybe now is a good time, what with new Star Wars hype filling the hearts and minds of millions across the globe. No More Heroes features a lot of weird Star Wars tributes, from the beam katanas that require furious jerking to operate, to quick shout outs to the Death Star and Han Solo’s frozen face. 

I wonder if there is any chance in Hell that the lightsaber crossguards, seen in the recently released teaser trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, are an effort to return the favor. As you can see in these screens, series antihero Henry Cooldown was sporting the practical but somewhat awkward looking laser sword upgrade long the Jedi or Sith had a handle on them. It’s not entirely impossible that J.J. Abrams is a No More Heroes fan, is it?

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