Reminder: European WiiWare demos end on January 31

The story goes like this — Nintendo finally adds a few WiiWare demos to the Wii Shop Channel. After that, the five games that are graced with demos see a mild to extreme increase in sales. People start to think that maybe Nintendo understands the importance of the online marketplace. Children sleep soundly at night. God beats the Devil at Marvel Vs Capcom 2 using a team of Roll, Servebot, and Dan. All is right with the world.

So of course, Nintendo decides to cancel the service. They wouldn’t be Nintendo if they didn’t turn left while everyone else is going right. Sometimes I’m fully behind their weird ways, but not this time. This decision is nothing but dumb. Let’s just hope that this is just a temporary cancellation, and that after the few months it will likely take for them to get their collective heads out of each others’ collective asses, the gang at Nintendo will start with the demos again, this time for keeps.

The five current WiiWare demos are for Pokemon Rumble, NyxQuest, FFCC:My Life as a Darklord, World of Goo, and Bit.Trip BEAT. There is a brief Destructoid mention at the end of that last one, so why not download it just for that, or better yet, gift it to a friend? That would make me happy, so you should do it. Plus, I’d wager that the more people that grab these demos, the greater our chances of getting more of their kind. Free stuff is good. Download now please.

WiiWare Demos Coming Down Jan 31st! [GaijinGames]

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