Reminder: Barf to win Critter Crunch codes, shirts & art!

Critter Crunch is a puzzle game on the PlayStation Network where you have to solve puzzles and vomit into your children’s mouths in order to feed them. Yup. Best game concept ever.

Capybara Games have given us some Critter Crunch codes, shirts (you’ll be able to pick the size and color) and this signed print art to giveaway so we’ve decided to take the barfing aspect of Critter Crunch and apply it into our Critter Crunch giveaway. All you have to do to win is take a picture of yourself throwing up. Important: DO NOT ACTUALLY TAKE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF REALLY THROWING UP! Real barf pictures will be immediately taken down and you will not be eligible to win. Instead, we’re looking for pictures of you throwing up random objects. LEGOs, batteries, bowling balls — whatever you think would make for a funny picture.

The picture you take should contain the word in there somewhere and no photoshopping is allowed. You have until November 1 to submit your photo and we’ll be announcing the five winners on November 2. Contest open to US and Canadian residents only! Submit your pictures in the comments below and good luck! 

Update: Capybara and the artist behind the character art for Critter Crunch, Nick “Qiqo” Stephan, made Destructoid some very special custom art. Yes, that is Biggs barfing up a shark barfing up a cheetah with laser eyes. The grand prize winner will now also be receiving a print of this amazing drawing. 

[Update: Winners of the contest were announced]

Hamza Aziz