Reminder: 5 more days left for the Little Red Riding Hood BBQ contest!

Ah, contest reminder time: an excellent excuse to follow tradition and request that Conrad Zimmerman show millions of readers his “tender” side. By “tender”, I actually mean that he’d be most likely to strangle the Big Bad Wolf using a wild forest vine and then sit on its corpse and enjoy a cigarette (or if the contents of his basket are to be believed, a whole carton of them).

At any rate, our Little Red Riding Hood BBQ contest is winding to a close soon and we wanted to remind you all that we don’t have nearly enough embarassing pictures of you doing your best Riding Hood impression (you can see all the other entries here). You have until September 30th to get your entries in and win a copy of the DS game Little Red Riding BBQ and a signed poster.

If you need some inspiration, you can always look back in time to the last person unafraid to humiliate themselves for the sake of free swag. Get cracking, people!

Colette Bennett