Remember turbo buttons? Get some for your Xbox 360

I used to rock the turbo buttons on my NES Max controller, even if I didn’t need to. I felt like a badass, thinking that while everyone else was using plain-jane ol’ standard NES controllers, I was getting my turbo on and jumping half as high with my NES Max.

Now that I’m older and less stupid, I can fully appreciate the charms of a turbo button. In this world of shooters, quicker shots mean a strong advantage. And fighting games? Blasting off kicks and punches so quick that no one can see them would be nice. Cheating, but nice.

Nexilux has decided to bring this ancient technology back from the dead by adding customizable turbo buttons to a standard Xbox 360 controller. You’ll hit a configuration button the controller, and then tap the turbo trigger to set the frequency and number of button presses you’d like it to execute. It’s that simple. Check out the video example, which warns you to set your turbo to a speed that would not get you banned.

Total Console has these Game Genie Turbo 360 wireless controllers on sale for $59.99. If you get one, don’t tell me about it. If you use it against me online, f*ck you.

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