Remember that Sega teaser site with the mushroom?

Remember that Japanese Sega countdown teaser page we told you about? The one with the mushrooms and Nintendo-ish 1UP sound? People were throwing out wild guesses, going as far as to suggest that Nintendo and Sega were in bed together.

It turns out that it’s nothing like that. Those that guessed at some kind of parody game were on the right track, though. Sega’s Chindouchou! Pole no Daibouken (Eventful Journey! Pole’s Big Adventure) was revealed in the latest Famitsu issue. WiiFanboy says that this is a retro, Famicom-ish game that pokes fun at other game series. It seems that the mushroom in question actually comes out of bricks and enlarges the character. 

This will be released in Japan’s WiiWare channel for 500 points on Feburary 3rd. 

[Shroom image from here]

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